Saturday, May 24, 2008

Moly project - Now with beaded sushi rice

My moly has two parts; one part with the normal paper to drew on and one part with a long piece of fabric to make something textile on. I have started with a comic type drawing of my "not so glamorous week" with title: "En diskbänksrealistisk vecka". If I translate this Swedish expression to English it would be close to: "A kitchen-sink-realistic week" :)
I scanned the images rather big so you can click on them to read the text. This one here has an English translation:

Here is my embroidered image on the fabric part of my moly.

now with beaded sushi rice...

It turned out fat... I'm super curious what it's going to look like when it comes back to me after my four other Moly_x_16 group friends has contributed their art in it!
More detail images on my flickr


Rachel said...

How creative! Your embroidery is beautiful!

Cattis said...

Vilken kul idé :-)

Ann Charlotte said...

fan vilket snyggt sushibroder, gör mer sånt, du kan sälja som bokomslag för 2000 kr st.

Ann Charlotte said...

jag menar broderi, inte broder, ursäkta min bloggafasi

suzanne said...

Wowzer...what a sketchbook this is going to be! LOVE, love, LOVE the are so talented.