Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sometimes I can see birds in there

I have moved my blog and my Archives to my own url
All the material is also over there :)
I made a WordPress blog with larger images.
This is number 1 out of 3 doubble posts I'm planning to do on both blogs.

Sometimes I can see birds in there.
I think about all the importence of ”feeding” the artist to be able to give to other people in your life. My art work tend to talk a lot about the struggle to run a life with work, family and being an artist at the same time :) I like the Swedish expression ”Kitchen sink realism” — This is my theme in all the Molys nowadays
The paper-part of this Moly has the programming language Php ”sentence”, a reminder of what I want…

Friday, April 17, 2009

Concept of "RadioVideo"

Watch a video with subtitles in English and listen to the Swedish voices and original sound. (YouTube)
Pencil & water color

Sorry I have been gone for such a long time!

I work at the most wonderful and inspirational place nowadays - I'm so sorry I haven't had the time to craft at all. I still have all this projects going on though - in bags all over the apartment :)
Soon i will post some new Craft stuff - I'm for example working on an embroidered part of the Moly_X_project again. Other embroidered parts of that project here and here .

At the Radio where I work I have a project with Swedish Award wining radio documentaries that we have translated to English. It's what we call "RadioVideo". They are very interesting and amazing You can listen/read to some of them on YouTube or at the Documentary Dept. English web site

I have been working on sketches to explain the concept.You can download a TV-pod version to you phone /pencil & water color

Listen to the Swedish podcast with original sound and simultaneously read an Enlish transcript. /pencil & water colorPhone /pencil & Copic Markers

See you soon!
It's springtime in Sweden!!
Inger Carina

Monday, January 12, 2009

Lace-Competence/Top skill-Competence - SPETSKOMPETENS

This is Elizabet's Moly (Japanese Fold sketchbook from Moleskine) . We are a group participateing in the International moleskine sketchbook exchange.
The theme for this book is -Silver, Gold & Lace.
If you want to see what the rest of the group made this month, please visit our blog at

I have made a simple Flash slideshow with the 7 images. You will need Flashplayer 8 to be able to see it. Download free here Please write in the comments if you have difficulties viewing all images. If this works I want to use it more. But if you don't like it I won't use it again :)

Please write in the comments if you have difficulties viewing all images. If this works I want to use it more. But if you don't like it I won't use it again :)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

21th International Sketchcrawl in Stockholm, January 10, 2009

Yesterday it was the 21th International SketchCrawl. We where a group of 10 "Crawling" all day at Kulturhuset in Stockholm City . Sketchcrawling means that you meet up and sketch all day with some nice brakes for coffee and lunch.
I had a great day! Thank yo all! Next time we meet up at Arlanda Airport sketching my worst nightmare - aeroplanes...think I need a drink first :)
click on the image for a larger view
Crane on top of a roof at Sergel's Square, pencil. Drew over the spread....

High-rise "5th Hötorget building" with sculpture "Crystal - vertical accent in glass and steel" by Edvin Öhrström in the front at Sergel's Square, Stockholm City.
Pencil & Stabilo marker.
Suddenly two men (or should I say dudes?) stod in my way talking very loud about the demonstration down at the square. First I wanted to ask them to move away a bit but their conversation was so "crazy-great".... -"the police violence in the 70's ..bla bla The Cuba movement bla bla"
I don't think they had been awake since the 70's actually

My sketch ended up a little crooked because they blocked my view.
You can see the others sketches at the Sketchcrawl forum soon.