Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My question about the English word for Monk's belt

If you wonder about me looking for the English names of two weaving techniques. (deleted the images I had here for a week) It was because I was working with this super talentded glass designer! Catarina Giarimi and her company Giarimi Design.
She makes crystal glass with engravings inspired of textile techniques - this decanter has the ingraving of Monk's belt. Lovely things...


Ellen Bloom said...

I've heard this type of weaving simply called "Swedish" weaving or "Hucking." Hucking refers to the huck-cloth used for the base of this type of thread work.

suzanne said...

Cool on so many levels. Not only is the glass beautiful...but so is the photography.

Thank you for your wedding wishes. They mean so much to me :)