Friday, October 31, 2008

Dress project - cuckoo clocks & chicken pox prints

It actually looks exactly like them - the cartoon kids :)

I guess you all know about Spoonflower by now. But if you don't - you have to visit them and start making your own prints! They have started their print-on-demand shop now and it's open for everyone. I was one of the lucky to be in the test group so I have already ordered two of my prints. I'm so excited because I have a lot of DREAM PRINTS in my head that I will never find in the shops and now I can make them!
My next Fashion project will be two dresses out of my prints. The beige one is a sketch of my girls when the had chicken pox. It's fun because if you see the print from a distance it looks like a kind of floral striped pattern - when you come closer you see the chicken-pox-girls :)
The Cuckoo clock fabric has always been a dream print for me but I have never found something like it anywhere - until now. (it's the same clock from the dress embroidery)
Can't wait to put the scissors in it. Unfortunately I have to start making the pattern for the dresses - pattern making is a bit time consuming... but it's more fun if you get EXACT the dress you want.
Cuckoo-clock parade


Elizabet said...

fantastiska tryck! vad kul grej!!! man blir supersugen på att testa!!!!

Maria said...

Jag var in där häromdagen och det skulle ju vara hur kul som helst att få sina mönster tryckta på jag tycker att det är så jobbigt att fatta när betalning mm är i andra valutor så längre än så har jag inte kommit =)

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