Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Refashion project: ragged old dress

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Do you have a dress that you just loved (wore) to pieces? I’ve worn this dress a lot – A LOT! : -) It has turned to rags… I have a body that often don’t fit in dresses from the rack. Found a super wonderful and talented Swedish designer – Jenny Hellström – and all her dresses fitted me like a glove. AND it was all in my taste – everything! Bought a dress form every season. I’m sad to say her wonderful fashion line went busted! Bankrupt in the finance crisis! OH NO! What to do?
I cut up my absolut favorite dress, altered it a bit (like put a zipper in the side instead of buttons. Widened the skirt in the bottom to get more of an A-line skirt instead of the straight skirt that would have been difficult to walk in when I skipped the side buttons that was functioning as a slit) Used some old plastic mini belt buckles to make cute bows to replase the ribbons & made a belt with a vintage green plastic belt buckle, matching the tiny riding helmet pattern on the fabric (brown background color).


Antoinette said...

Bummer about your favorite label going under! That happened to the store that made my best-fitting underwear, which prompted me to start making my own undies last summer! I really like the bows on your new remake!

Inger Carina said...

Thank you! :)
Is it difficult to make undies? with the elastic? I would really like to take a class in sewing lingerie some day!

Tyler and Shelley said...

I can't believe how awesome that looks! The collar and the belt make the whole dress!
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李智淑 said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

martinealison said...

Que la paix et la joie de Noël vivent en vos coeurs pendant toute l'année. Bises