Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Bags for little party girls

Came across these photos that I've taken of two bags that my 4,5 year old daughter designed (I sewed) for her friends birthdays this year. Loves the way she picked the different beads an decided were they should go and the way she choosed to combine letter-beads with gold/pink/turquoise lace is just fabulous. I want one for myself.


Ming Ching said...


Cattis said...

såå söt :-)

mama2stmh said...

One of those moments with dd34mo *surfing the net*...she saw your cute purses, and said, "Lovely purses Mommy. I want one please."
Now to make one for her & one for our dd13yo who would like for me to use her *pink sock monkey* fabric from reprodepot :)
Thank you for posting these :)

Inger C said...

Sorry mama2stmh to put you to work! :-D
I'm really happy you all like them.
Kind regards