Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Christmas "gift of the year"

"The gift of the year" became homemade hangers of wire and beads. Not plastic 50's jewelry as I thought before. I really hope that my mom isn't reading this before tomorrow now :-)
(In Sweden we celebrate on Christmas Eve, the 24th).
I'd love to make a templet & description and post as a PDF here, if you want to try and make one. Just leave a comment here if you are interested and I will fix a tutorial right away.
Thank you for your interest in my hanger-pattern. /Kind regards Inger.

Hanger tutorial pdf printable version (1,64Mb) and a screen version (pdf, 87Kb)

We made some tiny ones for Barbie as well! Have fun :-)


anja said...

please do post the tutorial... :) my mum needs sth like this too :)

Anonymous said...


Inger C said...

Thank you for your interest in my hanger-pattern! I'm away up in the north of Sweden for a couple of days. I'm back again soon to post the tutorial :-)
Kind regards