Friday, March 21, 2008

This vacation I brought some Craft projects. Happy Easter!

We are at our summer home on the beautiful island Öland, south east (400km) of Stockholm. This vacation I didn't forget to bring some craft projects.

When we came yesterday it was spring and nice. But now it's a snowstorm !(?).


suzanne said...

Looks gorgeous. Can I come on vacation with you?

AnnieB said...

oooh, lucky you!

juanitatortilla said...

Awh?!?! While in Gothenburg (a million years ago), I have always dreamed of going to one of those summer/vacation homes... even if it means being surrounded by few feet of snow all around.
Darn, I still dream of going back to Scandinavia. One of the The Best places to be on earth. But I should probably go through my long wish list of Places to Visit before giving Sweden the award huh(?)... Should I?

Inger C said...

Hi! Yes, it's normally very beautiful here - but it has been snowing diagonally for 24 hours now so I can't se more than a couple of meters out the window. This night it was a warning for power failure.
Great for crafting though :-)
Suzanne! You have to come! It's some great flea markets here with vintage scandinavian design for NO money :-)
Happy easter!
Inger Carina

meg said...

how strange, we have the same bizarre easter snow here in the US!

Anna said...

I'm home again, it's really cold here. I thought I ordered Spring and sunshine.
Read about you in DN today, you celeb crochet girl.
See you soon!!!