Thursday, March 27, 2008

I miss Paris

Working with a big web-project today. Took a break and visited my blog-roll favorites. Found this tip to add borders to your images (online service) at How about orange's delicious blog.

It's a sketch I made in Paris of me & Birgitta as hedgehogs again :), also taking a break, at a café in Marait where we lived. I wish I was there now.....
Back with some more crafting without the computer soon! Se you later.. /Inger Carina


Ann Charlotte said...

you both look so cute, to hedgehogs in Marais, could be a book of its own.
And I know what project you worked with, it was big, and it became so beautyful. The slave driver says thank you.

suzanne said...

Oh, I love the hedgehogs. Without a doubt, one of my favorite animals...especially when in Paris!